3 Easy DIY Tree Decorations for Christmas

Create personalized and budget-friendly decorations by trying out these DIY paper crafts for the Christmas season. With just a little time and a bit of patience, you can easily deck your house and tree with colorful ornaments that will surely set the celebratory mood and leave a good impression on your guests.

Tree Decorations for Christmas

Paper Stars

Materials:3” star-shaped cardboard paper base; 1.5” circle made of cardboard paper; about 20 pieces of small, colorful paper cones made from 2.5”x2” strips of newspaper; hot glue; needle and silver thread for hanging; glitter (optional)

  1. To make the paper cones, cut small strips of painted newspaper and roll them into shape using your pinky as the base. Hot glue each into shape.
  2. Using a needle, attach the silver thread to the apex of one of the star’s points. This will serve as the hanger.
  3. Next, get 5 paper cones and place them parallel to the star’s points; 1 cone for each point. The closed end of the cones should be on the center of the star, and the open end should face outside and cover the apex of each point. Glue them into place.
  4. Cover the visible parts of the star by gluing more paper cones. Keep doing this until the cones’ closed ends meet at the center of the star.
  5. Glue the circle cardboard to cover the point where the cone ends converge. You may choose to add a glitter monogram on the circle for a personal touch. The star is now ready for hanging.

Aside from paper, you can also experiment with cloth to make more durable versions of these projects. There are many types of textiles you can play around with to create your own unique decorative pieces. Remember that each type of textile is different and may require a specific type of sewing needle or sewing technique in order for you to turn it into something festive. Sewing and cutting cloth will definitely take more time, but you can save more money when you reuse these decorations again next year. Paper crafts, however, are quite convenient to those folks who have very little time to create their personalized Christmas decorations.

Christmas Balls

Materials: Craft paper cut into 1”x3” strips, floral wire

  1. Cut the colorful craft paper into 1”x3” strips. Punch a hole on both ends of each paper strip.
  2. Make a loop using one end of the floral wire. This will serve as a hanger later on.
  3. Making sure that the decorated side is facing outside,thread one end of the paper strips through the floral wire. About 15 strips should do. The loop at the end should hold the strips into place.
  4. Hold the free end of the floral wire and thread the other end of the craft paper strips in it. The lowest paper strip should be threaded in first, and the highest paper strip should come last.
  5. Fan out the strips into the shape of a ball. Once you are satisfied with the curve of the Christmas ball, lock it into place by making a loop at the free end of the floral wire.
  6. Create as many balls and join them together. You can also use reprinted photographs instead of craft paper to give your Christmas balls a personal touch.

Mini ice cream cones

Materials:2.5”x 2” brown strips of paper for the cones, tissue paper in different colors, string and needle, hot glue

  1. Roll the brown paper strips into cones by using your pinky as base. Hot glue each into shape.
  2. For the ice cream, get 2 to 3 sheets of colored tissue paper, fold it in half, and crumple it.
  3. Because using glue will flatten the tissue paper, you can use a string to hold the ice cream in place inside the cone. Thread through the middle of the tissue paper ice cream down to the closed end of the cone. The string can also serve as the hanger.


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