5 Simple Ways to Change Your Beauty Routine

Lifestyle has changed dramatically with longer working hours, increased exposure to pollution, juggling extra chores; the list never ends for the women squad, does it? With so much on your plate leaving you with little to no time on your hands, how could you possibly maintain the youthful charm and enigma and shine out?

Let’s find out how changing your everyday beauty routine could prevent the everyday stress from taking a toll on your skin.

  1. Facial care

Magic word: massage. This isn’t a daily routine but it should definitely be done periodically. When your body needs exercise to detox and relax then so does your face. You don’t need to visit fancy spas for this. Just apply a little moisturizer and gently massage out the stress off your face.

  1. Golden rule

The golden rule of beauty routine lies in three words: Cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Do it everyday before going to bed and your skin will thank you for that in the long run. It’s one of the easiest and beneficial ways to keep your skin glowing. If it’s a task for you to choose the right products, using Nykaa promo code will prove to be life saver!

  1. Diet

No, don’t get us wrong. By diet we don’t mean skipping meals and cutting down on all fats and carbs. Have a balanced diet sans the fried and oily food which will do more harm to your skin than you know. Go for collagen synthesizing food items. Apart from that exercising is an excellent way to detox and get back your healthy skin.

  1. Make-up

Picking and testing make-up on skin can lead to your skin reacting adversely to it. A safer option is to start out by using a moisturizer you trust and then going for the make-up of your choice. This not only shields your skin from the chemicals to an extent but also allows you to experiment freely. You can pick from an array of make-up from the best brands and buy them at lower costs using Paytm coupons.

  1. Sunblock all the way

While you might underestimate the power of a good sunblock right now but eventually you’ll end up regretting it if you don’t include it in your daily routine. It moisturizes and protects your skin from harmful skin damaging rays. After applying make-up, apply a thin layer of sunscreen which will shield you from the ill-effects of exposure to the sun.

Source: www.healthgk.com

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