5 Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Venue

When it comes to planning a wedding, a considerable fraction of your time should be spent brainstorming on the ideal place to hold it. While you may think that any place is easily transformable, this is not exactly the case all the time. True, anyone with a creative streak can transform a place immediately from a barren looking area to a magical setting. However, your artsy measures can only take you so far. In order for you to pull it off, the place must also allow you to do so, and it should also be possible at the venue you have selected. Your wedding venue is more important than you think, so be sure to choose carefully.

Once you have that taken care of, it is time for you to ensure that the place you exchange your “I do’s” would not only be beautiful, but unique and special as well. Apart from gorgeous decorating accents, your venue for rent should also reflect who you and your partner are as a couple. Work side by side with your coordinator and incorporate these elements into your wedding décor. In any case, here are some indispensable ideas as to how you can make your wedding venues truly beautiful:

1. Drape the ceilings

Something as little and as trivial as the fabric can already do wonders to transform a room. If chic and sophistication are things you are aiming for, then drape white fabric from the ceilings. Pair it with neutral tones such as beige and grey for subdued elegance, but if you wish to make it look a bit more lavish integrate metal hues such as gold, bronze, and silver. Alternatively, you can also match the drapes to your wedding’s motif.

2. Install a lounge area

Give your reception area a touch of relaxed finesse and comfort by installing a lounge area. This can be easily done with some rental furniture and a few throw pillows you can find in any department store or houseware shop. Entice the guests to take a breather and relax here by installing fluffy, comfortable but elegant pillows. Additionally, incorporate accents as well such as festive looking paraphernalia and fabric. In this way, it would not only serve as a relaxing spot but an avenue for a photo-op session for your guests as well.

3. Hang your flowers

Towering floral arrangements and ornate flower wreaths tend to take up so much space on tables, and as a result, they tend to block your wedding guests’ views of what is happening on the dance floor. Furthermore, they do not really add to the décor if they are simply stationed on top of tables. Instead, take them to the wall and to the ceilings. The suspended lush arrangements just a little above your guests’ heads will feel like you have created an intimate and gorgeous topiary just for your wedding.

4. Utilize Chalkboard Signages

While they may be reminiscent of your days inside the classroom, they do a lot when it comes to enhancing the overall wedding décor. Choose a chalkboard with an embellished and fancy frame or fashion one yourself. Indicate the nuptials within it and drape it with lush greenery or simple flower garlands. Voila! Now you have a great decorative piece for the entrance to your venue.

5. Use colored glassware

Today, most couples would rarely care about what type of dishes or cutlery their wedding guests would use. Be that offbeat couples that do and look for colored glassware that will give the white tablecloth a splash of color with its contrast. Not only will you efficiently be beautifying the overall look of your reception room with the clever switch from white to colored glassware, but you could potentially save a lot on centerpieces. The glassware themselves are already works of art, so make your tables pop in an instant by using them.

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