Why Should a Baby’s Room Include an Air Purifier

With the baby coming we must make sure everything is secured and prepared. All the furniture is baby-proofed, all the small things are out of baby’s reach and nursery is fully equipped and ready for the adorable addition to the family.

However, there’s one more thing left to consider and that is the clear and fresh air in the baby’s room. You certainly cannot leave a window open all the time and that is why a nursery needs an air purifier.

However, that is not the only reason, since it can be beneficial for the other health aspects of your infant.

Baby's Room

Vulnerability to Airborne Pollutants

Babies and children in general are more vulnerable to exposure to the environment for three reasons: their immune systems are still developing, they eat, drink and breathe more in proportion to their bodyweight and their behavior leads to more exposure to chemicals and potentially harmful microorganisms. Therefore, if a newborn is exposed to indoor pollutants, such as allergens, smoke, carbon monoxide, pesticides and other chemicals, it can lead to some serious health conditions. These include allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases, as well as various types of poisonings and even cancer.

Airborne Pollutants

Cleanses the Air

We know that our babies are more vulnerable to the airborne pollutants, but do we know where these come from? Well, to name a few, airborne pollutants can enter the nursery and your home through off-gassing of materials like the new furniture you certainly have in the nursery, new carpets or flooring, mold outbreaks, indoor and outdoor plant pollen, traffic and dust mites.

You might think airing out the room or turning on the AC can help remove pollutants, but these unfortunately can make things worse. That is why you should rely on air purifiers to do this job, because they are specifically designed for that. There are various sizes and models of these little helpers and you should do your research and find the best air purifiers for both the nursery and your home. This shouldn’t be a tough job, since they are readily available, you just need to invest a bit time into picking the right one.

Cleanses the Air

Cigarette Smoke Hazards

Cigarette smoke is probably the worst thing that can happen to your baby’s lungs. A baby’s respiratory system is not well equipped to fight off the negative impact of smoke yet and it should be completely away from the baby. The ideal situation would be quitting smoking, but if that is not an option you should definitely consider installing the air purifier in the nursery. These devices are made for filtering the smoke and all the other pollutants and they will make sure your infant’s respiratory system stays intact.

Prevention of Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition resulting in dry, flaky patches and can be quite common in infants. Their young skin is vulnerable to the airborne pollutants that actually trigger the allergic reactions and cause eczema. Once again, this can be prevented by having an air purifier. Some purifiers can help reduce the risks and effects of eczema because they lower the pollen count and dust levels in the nursery. If you wish to have this type of security for your baby, you should always opt for a purifier with a HEPA filter and you are guaranteed clean and pollutant-free air. Additionally, such quality air purifiers can filter mold and bacteria that can pose a threat to your infant’s health.

Improve the Air Quality

Improve the Air Quality

Basically, to help your baby fight off the pollutants you need to improve the overall quality of the air. Make sure your home is clean, aired out and equipped with an air purifier. Not only will the purifier eliminate the potential hazards in the air, but a better air quality will help your baby sleep better. Additionally, for a purifier to have even better result, try minimizing the sources of the pollutants and keep the humidity levels of the room below 50 percent. Keep the air dry and circulating and no mold or dust mites will develop. Plus, relying on HEPA filters will make sure none of these bad things have a way of coming close to your child.

In conclusion, a quality air purifier can only do good in a nursery. It will keep the air clean and fresh and it will help you get rid of the odors that might enter the room. Don’t hesitate, do your research and make sure the nursery is completely ready for your baby.

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