Bodyweight Exercises That You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime

Lifting weights has huge benefits for one’s health. Many ladies shun weight lifting because they believe it will lead to developing a masculine figure. That is a pure myth. Weight lifting tones your body giving you a sleek look, trims your waists by helping lose that excess weight, and best of all, strengthens your bones and muscles making you fitter. Studies have shown that weight training over time can help prevent bone loss and may even contribute towards building new bone.

We lose muscle as we age. By our 70’s we only have about 50% to 55% of our muscle left. This is why old people feel so fatigued and weak. However this does not have to be so. Weight training has been shown to help in maintaining muscle mass, and even increases spine density in the spine and hip which are areas quite prone to fracture in older age. Women are especially more prone to developing osteoporosis and suffer from osteoporosis related fractures in older age. However with a regular regime of weight training core muscles are maintained and the risk of fractures resulting from falls etc in old age is cut by a lot.

Bodyweight Exercises

What are body weight exercises?

Most people do not have the time to visit a gym regularly. This however does not mean that you cannot do weight training. Your body is a gym on its own. Body weight exercises are exercises that utilize your body weight to train your muscles to lift weight. These are the best kind of exercises there are. Not only do they help you train your muscles, they help develop better fitness, balance and core strength. Since these exercises usually target more than one muscle at a time they prove to be better than many exercises at the gym.

Bodyweight exercises are truly amazing and help you achieve an overall fitness level which helps you in day to day activities. The basic example of a bodyweight exercise is the classic push-up. It works your chest muscles, back and even triceps and biceps all in one go. The push-ups can be done anywhere and anytime. No need for expensive equipment.

Reverse Crunch

Another excellent bodyweight exercise is the “Reverse Crunch”. To do this you first lie with your back on the floor. Use a yoga mat if you want to. Extend your legs fully in front of your and put your arms to the side, with your palms pressing on the floor. Next roll in your knees into your chest and then press them straight up in the air. Slowly bring your legs back to the starting position by going through the same motion but in reverse. This makes for one repetition. This is a great exercise that targets your core muscles, particularly your abs. it helps not just to strengthen your core but also lose the fat around the waist. You should start from 8 reps in one go and try to aim for 12 in one go.

Body Plank

The Body Plank is another great whole body exercise. It is difficult but it targets all of your body muscles, especially the core muscles. This exercise not only works your muscles but also acts as the perfect cool down exercise after a grueling workout. It is the perfect exercise to help prevent cramps and muscle spasm.

Doing it is very simple. You lie down on the floor, face down. From there you will raise yourself on your arms; your palms should be touching the floor. Once this is done, prop yourself up on your toes. Try to hold this position for at least 20 seconds. Slowly work your way up to a whole minute.

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