Choosing the Perfect Diamonds: 10 Wedding Ring Trends You Must Follow

Are you a nontraditional bride, or the sort who wants something unique on her big day? When it comes to, here are unlimited options out there. From vintage-inspired, colorful center stones, to mixed metals wedding rings, in this article, you will learn more on what’s hot in the world of bridal jewelry. You can choose a solitaire wedding/engagement ring as a classic choice, but if you want to be a dazzler on your wedding, then you may want to step out of the box! Read on below to learn more about the popular wedding ring trends.

1. Rose Gold Wedding Rings

Recently, rose gold has made a big comeback, especially for wedding and engagement rings. A lot similar to white gold rose gold is also gold but wit mixtures of other metals to give it its pinkish color. However, unlike the white wedding gold rings, rose gold gives any wedding ring a romantic feel and appearance. If you are attracted to feminine, delicate and attractive ring styles, then this option may be the perfect one for you. Florette, marquis and other ring styles look great in rose gold. The feminine rosy color of this gold makes it the suitable choice for all skin tones. You can find these in different online stores such as Aida Designs US and much more. Take your time to explore different designs and pick the best one.

2. Colorful Diamond Stones

If you want to wear something traditional yet out of the ordinary, then a colorful diamond is a pretty choice for you. You can go for custom designed wedding rings and tell the professional jewelers to add color details to your ring like pink and yellow accents. Such a ring will let you stand out from the crowd and steal the limelight. If you wish to make a bolder fashion statement, you can try ultra modern black diamonds.

3. Floral Designs

Wedding and engagement ring these days are blooming with petals, flowers, vines, and other unique diamond details that look as though the rings are coming from a garden. You can choose a floral inspired or add some whimsical touch to your feminine diamond ring.

4. Colorful Gemstones

If you are considering something colorful as your center stone, and you don’t wish to go for a diamonds then you can go for colorful gemstones like sapphires as an alternative to pink and yellow diamonds. Wedding rings with emeralds and rubies help to give off a vintage vibe. You could also choose multidimensional colors like alexandrite that creates a color changing effect.

5. Square Diamond Bands

Engagement rings that have square bands not only look sleek, but they are comfortable compared to round bands. Choosing square rings wouldn’t constrict or pinch your fingers. They look great and highlight your wedding rings.

6. Vintage Wedding Rings

You can go for vintage-inspired trends and go for an art deco flair or Victorian style wedding ring. Wedding rings with heirloom quality not only look glamorous and timeless, but they add a classic vintage touch to your appearance.

7. Diamonds on the Sides

Intricate details on the sides of your wedding rings mean your ring will look attractive from all angles. With tiny diamonds stuck on the sides, side wedding diamonds symbolize eternal bond of love. It looks modern and adds a unique touch to your appearance.

8. Marquise Cut and Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Although round cut, diamonds are a popular choice for center stones, marquise and pear-shaped diamonds are making a comeback. There is a plus side about these tapered cuts. They elongate your fingers and instantly add a slim effect to attract envious eyes.

9. Mixed Metal Halos

If you aren’t being able to decide on what to choose, either gold or platinum, then you can go for a mix in one. A yellow gold halo in the center around the diamond and a white gold one around the band makes the center stone appear larger.

10.Twisted Bands

Whether you decide to opt for a twisted shank or choose a twisted band, it helps to create a simpler setting. This trend looks great and gives your wedding ring the right dimension.

As you can see, there are numerous styles and options to choose from when it comes to wedding rings. Take your time to research the best rings and keep an eye out for the latest trends. Be s trendsetter this wedding season with unique diamond wedding rings.

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