Effective Skincare Routines Millennials Love

With the change of generations, lifestyle, habits, fashion and many other things change as well. So, it’s not surprising that millennials have developed their unique skincare routine, which suits their modern way of life. Let’s look at what their routine consists of and how they make it as effective as possible.

Millennials are well-informed customers

It seems that with the development of technology, which brought social media and constant presence of flawless celebrities, women have become more aware of their appearance. They tend to spend significant amounts of money on cosmetics, but they know what is worth spending on, because they’re well-informed. They use the Internet to do their research, and to be sure that what they buy is exactly what they need.

Millennials fight ageing, but are not ashamed of it

Which brands do millennials buy?

Millennial women find product quality to be of the utmost importance and they like getting what they paid for. So, they tend to visit multi-brand stores, since they put a high value on diversity. Some of their favourite brands are CoverGirl, Maybelline, Neutrogena, MAC and many others.

Another prominent characteristic of the millennial generation regarding cosmetics is that they enjoy experimenting with skincare products and trying out new ones, so, they won’t only stick to their favourite brands, but discover new ones as well.

They’re all for natural products

Women of the millennial generation are extremely eco-conscious. From this awareness stems their desire to go organic. This generation is well-educated and thus cannot be easily tricked into buying products which contain various harmful chemicals, which will both damage their skin and pollute the environment.

Millennial women won’t sacrifice their health just to get a few more nuances of eye-shadow which cannot be made without chemical colorants that are extremely unhealthy. They choose only natural and nourishing ingredients instead.

Millennials fight ageing, but are not ashamed of it

We can often see women in their twenties who already buy anti-ageing products. This shows us another prominent characteristic of the millennial generation and that is that these women like thinking in advance. They’re well-informed, so they know how they should fight ageing as well. And, since they like to be innovative, it’s not surprising how many of them are crazy about the amazing Collagen Drink, which has been proven to be extremely effective.

However, we cannot say that they’re obsessed with staying young, but simply that they do their best to prolong their youth. When the time comes, they will embrace all their lines and wrinkles, still trying to make the best of their appearance, such as it is.

They simply enjoy a good DIY

If millennials have some new combination of ingredients in mind which they cannot find in a store, they won’t hesitate to roll up their sleeves and get it fixed on their own. And since they are extremely into face masks, don’t be surprised with how many amazing natural recipes millennial women have come up with.

This way, not only do they get an organic product that won’t harm either them or nature, but they’ll also have an opportunity to be creative and express themselves, which millennial women find to be of the utmost importance.

Makeup is a must

You can hardly see any woman of this generation without makeup. They simply enjoy wearing it and experimenting with different colours and styles. However, millennial women love to have it all, so they make sure to look beautiful, and at the same time they make sure that their makeup is healthy and that it protects their skin. For example, they use foundations with sunscreen, since they know how damaging sun rays can be, and that they’re one of the most prominent causes of premature ageing.

Now that you know what a skincare routine of a modern millennial woman looks like, you can incorporate some of the steps into your own routine. No matter whether our lifestyles are different, we should all go for natural products and try to accept and embrace who we are.


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