How to Recover From a Bathroom Design Disaster

A considerably huge budget must be used to complete your bathroom with the design and décor you wanted. However, for some reason, the overall atmosphere and theme just did not create an environment that looks pleasing to your eyes. The hired contractor or designer might have placed something that’s just not right. The good news is that you can always recover from that bathroom design disaster. In this article, we will give you some ideas on how to formulate an escape plan and get the problem over with.

Bathroom Design

  1. Replace the tiles in the bathroom

Bathroom tiles especially ones that are made out of granite and stones are really expensive. When things go awry, you have the choice to replace them with more affordable ones but still durable. For example, ceramic tiles are a good option to consider because not only are these tiles cheaper but they are also very easy to clean. The surface is durable and texture design can be pretty interesting. Another smart option is to go for vinyl tiles since the design can mimic the appearance of stone tiles. Vinyl tiles usually cost a fraction of stone tiles, so given these two choices, it would be great to keep the vinyl tiles instead.

  1. Cover up a specific area with a carpet

If the idea of replacing tiles all over still sounds expensive, then it might be better if you can cover only a specific part of the bathroom with a small carpet or rag. With this, you also have the freedom to choose among various patterns, designs, and colors. Be artistic and use it as an accent that will be noticeable once anyone enters the bathroom. You can invest in a good quality carpet and make sure to maintain its orderliness and cleanliness. Hiring carpet cleaning services in Adelaide is most recommended by homeowners, but if you think proper vacuuming and drying are simple and manageable steps to a neat bathroom, doing it yourself will be great.

  1. Repaint the walls

Paint won’t require too much cost but this will give a powerful and dramatic change in the bathroom. Walls can effectively give the area a new and refreshing look since they take up a large portion aside from the flooring. Be sure though to choose a type of paint that is waterproof and long-lasting, so the color would not easily be faded in the years to come. A good supply of painter’s tape might be needed to carefully paint only the areas that need to be repainted. Paint that’s satin finish will be your best bet so the wall will less likely form mold and mildew.

  1. Update the light

The light in the bathroom may also be the culprit on why the place looks horrendous. Lighting is relatively a small investment as compared to the bathroom fixtures like the bathtub and the urinal. Whether it be dim or bright lighting, it will make a big difference in your bathroom’s look. You may even consider adding a small chandelier for a grand impression.


Playing things around without having to shell out cost that will dent your bank account is a skill to master when it comes to any home renovation or redesign project. With a bit of creativity, patience, and resourcefulness, you will be able to achieve your dream bathroom in no time. Find inspiration as well from home decoration and styling magazines and pages to get more ideas on how to recover from a bathroom design disaster so a total overhaul won’t be necessary.

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