How to Repair a Frozen Pipe?

How to Repair Frozen Pipes?

There are situations when the frozen pipes do burst. That leads to potentially costly repairs. In event of this situation, there are still a few things that can be done besides calling a handyman.

At this point, shutting off the main water supply is recommended. You kept it open in order to ensure that running water doesn’t continue to freeze and help thaw out some of the pipes. But when the pipes do break, then shut it off to minimize the flooding.

Dry out as much of water you can right away by using mops, towels, and sponges. You want to prevent greater issues such as mold, mildew, and other issues created by moisture. If possible, run a dehumidifier in space until it is completely dry.

The good news is that most homeowners insurance cover burst pipes and water damage because of it. So, if you have a big mess on your hands, call your insurance agent so they can get someone to repair things right away during the insurance umbrella.

Depending on whether the pipes burst or if there is a crack in it that is leaking water, so electrician’s tape could help cover the crack for a time to prevent further flooding until the repairman arrives.

At some point, the pipe in question needs to be removed and replaced. Obviously, the main water valve should be shut when the repairs are done.

Then it is a matter of how to reach the pipes that need to be replaced. If it is behind a wall, more time might be needed simply reaching the pipes than repairing it. However, if it is exposed, then it already becomes a matter of what material is the pipe.

Copper is more durable and usually, the preferred material used to repairing a pipe. Still, they can leak when dented or weakened through corrosion.

Tools such as a rotary saw can come in handy if you need to reach a certain spot. Small cutting devices can use as they allow you to place the equipment on the pipes and twist or turn until the pipes are cut. Once both sides are cut, you can remove that portion of the pipe.

Now you can replace the portion with a new copper pipe. The ends of the pipes where it was cut do need to trimmed in order for things to be re-fitted properly.

A good tool to use is the SharkBite, which is a push-to-connect fitting that serves to help bridge the ends of the old and replacement pipes together. You can plug it onto the end of the old pipe. Make sure it is snapped and solidly in place before you place the replacement pipe section in from the other side. Make sure you have SharkBites on both ends so you can connect the new pipe section to the ends of the old pipes at the same time. This will help align all the pipes properly. If you have frozen pipes in downriver Michigan in your commercial or residential property, then hire Downriver Cleanup and Restoration Professionals to fix it.

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