The Importance Of Women Pursuing An EMBA

Why should women go after an EMBA?

It seems that women have been fighting against the tide throughout the entire course of history. We’ve always been fighting for something. During her husband John’s tenure as President at the end of the 1700’s, Abigail Adams asked him to employ more women in his cabinet. Fast-forward to well over two hundred years later, and we are still asking for more women to make up a President’s cabinet.

Fortunately, we are making progress, and the real progress starts at business school with the Executive MBA, where you get the chance to enhance your skill set and open doors that were previously locked and barricaded. In 2016, more women than ever before are plunging into the world of the EMBA.


Up For the Challenge

Of course, there are challenges. Choosing to go back to school and invest in yourself is no mean feat in such a frenetic, fast-paced world where one bad career decision can see you crash and burn. It takes courage, conviction and self-belief.

It’s a balancing act, too. You have to find the time to manage your busy home life with your work life and your life in the class room. Maybe you have children to take care of, as well as a whole host of other responsibilities.

A number of us, when faced with the obstacles that undertaking an EMBA presents, will baulk at the precipice and play it safe. We’ll continue doing what we’re already doing. An EMBA just seems like a step too far. The problem is that, for women, the chance to study for an EMBA comes around at the time in our life when we’re ready to start a family.

But as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “you must do the things you think you cannot do.”

Many women have successfully completed an EMBA, come out with flying colors, and are now well on their way to a solid career filled with exciting opportunities.

If you’re wondering how important it is as a woman to do an EMBA, here are a few reasons:

1. You Will Meet Role Models and Mentors

Men have access to a wealth of role models who have pretty much done everything you can think of. There is Leonardo Da Vinci, a man who dipped his toe in art, math, science, weaponry, sculpture and music. There is Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Nicholas Tesla … the list is endless, and these guys tell men that they can pretty much do anything they want.

It’s not quite the same for women. We just don’t have the same kinds of role models. While our grandmothers stayed at home, our grandfathers were out there, working, travelling, doing.

During an EMBA, you will be given a fresh insight into women role models who took action in life and made small but significant changes to the lives of those around them. You will also learn how successful women were able to build up a strong business network while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Basically, if they can do it, you can, too.

2. You’ll Be Equipped with a Broader Business Base

Before studying for an EMBA, you no doubt have a good grasp of business. But how is your perspective? How is your flexibility?

An EMBA can have an almost instant impact on your career. It widens your scope so that you see the woods and the trees. All aspects of business are covered, including analysis, financial valuations, business innovations, and investments.

An EMBA introduces you to real world problems faced by businesses on a daily basis, toughening you up, and encouraging you to think on your feet and solve problems.

3. You’ll Grow In Confidence

It’s understandable for a woman to say she can’t do an EMBA because she simply has too many obligations and responsibilities at home. She has children to look after, a marriage to maintain, a home to take care of, and so on.

Men are invariably freer.

However, undertaking an EMBA will show you that it’s totally possible to divide your time equally between all the different things you have going on in your life. And once you prove to yourself that you can manage your responsibilities without ever shirking; you will have the confidence to apply for higher positions within a company that demand more time and responsibility.

4. You’ll Build Your Business Network

Your network at the moment might be okay. But the people you meet at business school on an EMBA program will provide unquestionable value to your career.

Indeed, many students will admit to doing an EMBA simply for the networking opportunities. At business school, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with aspiring high-ranking managers and leaders whose advice and contacts will be like gold dust to you. These are the kind of people you won’t meet elsewhere.

EMBA classrooms are very international too, and you will meet people from various backgrounds whose original perspective will help to sharpen your own.

This post is written by Gretchen Shaw. Gretchen is an author, blogger and entrepreneur with a penchant for baking. She is passionate about communication, continued learning and connecting people. You can follow her on Twitter: @shawgret

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