Key Points for Successful Breast Augmentation Recovery

When considering breast augmentation surgery, the most important question you can ask yourself is: if you will have natural looking breasts? Majority of the patients will have the same questions as you and some will have even more. The answers are unique to each individual and become clear during a consultation. Choosing the right implant is your choice but your plastic surgeon also has this responsibility, to understand where you’re coming from and what goals you have, and to help you walk through this with the right choices.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Once you decide on getting breast augmentation done, make sure to research plenty and get your thoughts clear. Your study will open up the gate of getting prepared for the surgery and keeping things ready. Your consultation will solve rest of the theories, however there are some major facts you need to be aware of before getting breast augmentation-these are:

  • The decision between the two kinds of breast implants: Saline and Silicone gel implant. You should be aware of the pros and cons for both the implants.
  • Keep implant palpability into account, i.e. whether you (or someone else) can feel the breasts. Both the implants come with a lot of advancements and will give you the same natural feel. According to surgeons and other patients; silicone gel implant feels more natural.
  • The look of your breasts after breast implant varies significantly for every individual will vary significantly for each and every individual. The two factors which make the difference include: the size of implant chosen and the amount of breast tissues present before breast augmentation.
  • Keep all yourself motivated and keep a realistic approach towards the entire augmentation procedure.
  • Listen to everything your surgeon has to say.

Breast augmentation has become one of the most favorite surgical enhancement procedures for women around the world. As breast implant surgery takes a toll in market so does medicine and technology, it has become innovative and easy. If you take the rights steps before the augmentation and get the operation done successfully, than the last is recovery phase. For a smooth recovery you will need to keep the following factors in mind:

#1- Proper Rest

Your first two weeks after the surgery is critical for a safe and smooth recovery. You will be given instructions by your surgeon for what an what not to do and which medicines to take, however your partner or family will also be very important in taking care of you during this time. You alone cannot take care of yourself and will not resume your routine not before 3 weeks at least. Take proper rest to recover perfectly.

#2- Physical and Emotional Support

You will need someone with you for the first three weeks to assist you with household work, meals, and kids if you have any. Even the routine things such as opening the lid of water bottle will seem impossible and you will go through a lot of emotion breakdowns-having someone to lean on during this time will help.

#3- Have Adequate Diet

After the surgery and during the recovery process, your body will need energy to recover and heal. It is critical to maintain good diet to promote healing, food rich in protein, whole grains, fiber, and vitamins will support your recovery. Avoid anything high in fats and sugars as this will cause hindrance in recovering your wounds. Also, stay hydrated as much as you can.

#4- Do Not Examine Your Body and Have Patience

The recovery time after breast augmentation surgery can be a tough time, this is why it is important to maintain a positive approach and keep your patience. Prepare yourself in advance for final results, which can take even months and try not evaluating your body immediately after the surgery. Have patience and wait for the results.

#5- Strong Communications with Surgeon

A good cosmetic and plastic surgeon is the key to successful surgery and post surgery planning. Your surgeon will be the major reason for smooth operation and smooth recovery as well. You will need to listen to anything and everything your surgeon has to say this will keep your mind at ease throughout breast augmentation duration.

If by now you don’t have a surgeon you can visit then try consulting Crispin Plastic Surgery center for Breast augmentation surgery. You will find the best plastic surgeons that are experienced and most friendly. Breast implant is a life time commitment and requires the same care and expertise as other surgical procedures require. Choose quality and do not settle for less.

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