Laser Hair Removal Vs Creams

Which is better, laser hair removal or hair removal creams? Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and let’s find out what they are so you can decide better which one will work best for you, your skin, and your hair removal needs.

Laser hair removal

This method is unique as it uses special lights that will seek out hair strands and burn them off all the way to the roots. Smooth, hair-free skin is achieved right away even from the first treatment, and nowadays you can easily buy or order online your own personal laser hair removal machine. Many people claim they get permanently reduced hair with regular use, making it a far better option for those who are tired of having to shave everyday or wax every week.

Hair Removal

Hair removal creams

Various products of hair removal creams crowd shelf after shelf on beauty shops and department stores, and many people do prefer this method over any other. Hair removal creams are affordable and effective. For example, a pubic hair removal cream is far safer than shaving and doesn’t give the same agony as waxing too. Creams give a smoother finish than shaving, present less risk of ingrown hair, and come in various types that suit different needs and complexion types that it’s very easy to find several that won’t irritate your skin.

The disadvantages of laser hair removal is the rather pricey cost of laser hair removal machines and the fact that most of them only work well for fair skin tones and dark-colored hair strands, making it harder for people with dark complexions or fair and reddish body hair to find a good laser hair removal machine that won’t cause redness or even burns to their skins. And although most machines can deliver permanent hair reduction, so far only the special electrolysis hair removal, which uses electric charges to damage hair follicles, can give permanent hair loss.

However, if you can easily manage hair removal on a regular, affordable basis, then hair removal creams are a good choice. Olay hair removal reviews for the facial area are positive, and products from Nair and Veet work well for the facial skin too as well as other body parts like the arms, legs, and bikini area. Hair removal creams do not give permanent hair reduction or hair loss, so if you are looking for lasting results, laser or electrolysis may be the better option.



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