Materialize Your Chic Lamps into Reality

Do you ever feel like you simply need to change something in your living space? We have all been there. And we all know lighting is the key. Changing dimensions, shapes, materials, designs or colours of your lighting brings about unimaginable improvements in the atmosphere, functionality, and aesthetics of your space. It is as simple as buying a more elegant lampshade for your living room or refinishing your patio lamp.

In this article we explore ideas for getting some chic lamps from various materials.

wooden lamps


In case you are stuck with a standard lamp consisting of a shade and a wooden lamp stand, you can easily sand and paint it; it will look completely different if finished in black, silver, or some bright colour. You can apply varnish or lacquer to give warmth to the grain of the wood. Or you can use products that give wood a worn and weathered look with a rich patina. There are many types to choose from, but it’s important to decide on one that will work well with your lampshade.

metal and plastic design lamps

Metal and plastic

These are popular because of their sturdiness and longevity. Replacing your overhead dining room suspension lamp with a corner floor lamp and a few well placed wall lamps will give the room a completely different feel. You could also decorate your old lamps with stickers, spray paint them over lace, hand paint some floral designs or apply decoupage. You could glue beads around the edges or all over the surface.

paper and wire design lamps

Paper and wire

Paper and wire lamps are a great combination for both outdoors and indoors. Colour wire can be applied around stands as decoration with some added plastic flowers or it can be used as a base for the shade. These can be made in many shapes: balls, pyramids, animals etc. and then covered with paper.

thread and rope design lamps

Thread and rope

Some great looking lamps can be made by simply covering a deflatable ball or balloon with yarn soaked in school glue. Make sure to leave two holes for the cable and the bulb, when it dries off, deflate it and voilà: your matrix shadow making lamp, perfect for the garden, patio or your bedroom!

glass designer lamps


A blue glass lamp stand is a fresh replacement for your ceramic one, a stained glass shade will bring spectacle of colours to your room, and how about a lively nightingale shade with a LED inside? Getting a new designer lamp will make your place look elegant and clean and designer lighting shops offer a wide range of lamps to choose from.

textile designer lamps


To give your old shade new life, you can apply decorative sewing, paste an old embroidery piece or a pre-stamped quilt block on it. You can add silky ribbons, lace, roses and butterflies for the girly chic feel. Alternatively, you can bead around the bulbs and have them reflect colors through a white textile shade.

Whether you are buying a brand new designer lamp or upcycling your old ones, it is possible to create magic with the right choices, combinations and positioning. Dimmable lamps give you more options.

Remember, lamp is the royalty of atmosphere!

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