Do You Need a Frozen Shoulder Remedy? Read This!

Our bodies are engineering marvels. They are made of bone, cartilage, muscle and a lot more. Despite being medical miracles, they can suffer various types of injury. Some of the most common injuries are muscle straining, joint spraining or inflammation. These conditions can occur during work or play. Some jobs are so strenuous that they can cause muscular injury.

Examples of such jobs are construction, motor vehicle repair and industrial engineering. Some sports, such as football, rugby and basketball can also cause you to sprain your joints and strain your muscles too. One of the injuries that is often experienced is the frozen shoulder.

Frozen Shoulder Remedy

What is the frozen shoulder?

This is a condition that is medically known as adhesive capsulitis. It has symptoms that include pain and a stiff shoulder joint. Symptoms of this condition normally start slowly over time. They get much worse and then subside in three to five years. The pain from this condition inhibits normal movement of the shoulder. This can affect one’s ability to work or play. For those suffering from this condition, there is a frozen shoulder remedy. It is known as the muscle release oil.

What is this remedy?

This is a special type of oil that is made of many essential, natural, healing oils mixed up together in a perfect blend. This type of oil is able to heal muscles that are swollen or inflamed. It is also effective in healing strained joints. One of the remedies of this nature is Shankara muscle release oil. It can provide permanent relief from the frozen shoulder. It can also provide relief from the following diseases and conditions:

  1. Muscles that have strained due to over-exertion
  2. Sprained joints
  3. Daily aches and pains
  4. The discomfort of arthritis

Due to the essential oils contained in muscle release oil, it can heal other conditions and diseases. These include:

  • Eliminating scars by healing them
  • Getting rid of body toxins
  • Relaxing the body and muscles

Which essential oils are in this remedy and what do they do?

Muscle release oil contains essential oils, such as lavender, blue chamomile, turmeric and Melissa essential oil. It also contains cedarwood, Frankincense, yarrow and sweet birch oil. Each of these oils is an effective remedy for various aches and pains. Together, they form potent oil that will cure any ache, pain and discomfort.

These oils accomplish the healing process by causing changes in the chemistry of the body. They are distilled from their sources and then combined together to form the muscle release oil. These oils come from sources, such as roots, branches, flowers and leaves. No chemical additives are involved in the process. The whole process is natural. In addition to pain relief, these oils are active anti-oxidants. Thus, they can keep cancer at bay.


Muscle release oil is made up of many active essential oils working together. They can heal the frozen shoulder as well as many other conditions. Are you suffering from muscular or skeletal pain? Invest in muscle release oil and ache no more.

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