Reasons Why You Have A Dirty Home

“Clutter is anything that does not belong in a space—whether because it belongs elsewhere in your home, or it does not belong in your home any longer.” -Unknown Author

Without a doubt, a cluttered home would be enough to cause any homeowner disdain. Clutter becomes more of a hassle if a homeowner is negotiating with a rather small space such as in condos like Garden Towers. But unfortunately, unless you have adapted a minimalist lifestyle, over the years your home will develop an affinity for clutter. You might be flabbergasted as to how you can accumulate so much stuff when you continuously and religiously work towards keeping your home clean, uncluttered and organized.

Well, there are common clutter causes that may keep you from having a truly clean and organized home. If you want to make your homes clutter free, here are five of them to consider then take the necessary steps suggested to eliminate them once and for all.

1. A pile of paper

You probably stack magazines, books, and coupons in almost every nook and cranny of your home—papers you have not even looked at in a very long time. These pieces of paper are doing nothing in your home but collect dust. Though they may not be dirty, their presence in a home can make it look disorganized and messy.

Instead of just keeping them lying around, keep a small bin where you can store all of them inside or to immediately get rid of mail you do not need immediately. Additionally, cancel magazine subscriptions and instead go paperless by subscribing to them online.

2. Things are not in their proper place

You do not immediately wash dishes after a meal or store them appropriately. You tend to take things out, and once a task is finished, you neglect to return them in their proper place making an area more cluttered than it truly is. If you are guilty of this, adopt a policy that compels you to return all the items you have used after you used them before leaving a room. In the same vein, you should have a proper place for all of your items.

3. Dirty, worn and used clothes do not have a place

Clothes play a major factor in contributing to a home’s overall clutter. In fact, if you are the type of person who tries on a bunch of clothing ensembles and would not stow them away properly after you have chosen an ideal outfit, your closet would probably look like a mess—or your bed or your chair.

To avoid your rooms being overrun by clothes, establish a rule that you only take one article of clothing at a time and put it right back if you intend to change into something else. Put something back before taking another piece of clothing out. Lastly, make sure your dirty and used clothes go to the hamper immediately.

4. Your family members, pets or roommates are the ones contributing to the clutter

You might be doing your very best to keep a clutter-free home, but your family members, roommates or pets do not seem to share the same ideology. If this is the case, then have a conference with them, establish some rules that everyone can agree on and make sure that everyone contributes their part in keeping a home clean, organized and clutter-free.

Pets, on the other hand, are another story, so the best way to address it is to have the necessary equipment to keep their messes to a minimum. Things such as better food storage, easy-to-clean cages, and litter catchers are just some of the things you can use.

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