All About Shoes: Pros and Cons of Wearing High Heels

“People walk differently in high heels. Your body sways to a different kind of tempo.” -Manolo Blahnik

There is no other shoe more coveted and more controversial in the world of fashion other than the high-heeled shoes. Known to be a powerful accessory for women, this rather popular shoe is said to not only add height, boost sex appeal but bolster confidence as well. Christian Louboutins, wholesale Steve Madden shoes, Manolo Blanhniks–these are just some of the names that have made women’s lives better by granting them a pair of shoes that instantly ups their allure–after all, a pair of heels is a woman’s most empowering accessory.

However, as great as a pair of heels is, it is also true that they do come with their own disadvantages–there is pain in beauty after all. And yet women would embrace the sore toes and foot blisters–all in the name and effort of looking strikingly beautiful. So, what is it about this particular shoe that makes women so resilient against pain? What makes this shoe so worthy of enduring foot associated ailments? Perhaps the advantages and disadvantages below may shed some light.


Wearing High Heels

1. You feel a lot sexier

Without a doubt, an increase in height, a subtle correction of bad posture by standing tall and leaner legs would make anyone feel a lot sexier—and all these can be achieved through simply wearing a pair of high heels. Another great perk about wearing heels is that they can instantly make any casual outfit look elegant, sexy and even subtly dressy—all you would need to do is look for the most appropriate pair of heels that would go with your ensemble to pull off a killer look.

2. You look a lot taller

Any pair of heels—regardless of how many inches they may be, would instantly give any woman an addition in height. This is especially great for petite women who would want to stand a little taller than usual. Additionally, it pushes out your chest, your waistline back and accentuates your curves which would make wearing heels all the more appealing.

3. Your legs look leaner

Even if you have not been to the gym for months, wearing a great pair of heels gives everyone the illusion that you have been for the past few months. Albeit unhealthy and unsafe for your legs, wearing heels contracts the calf muscles and would adjust to the angle of the high heels making your calves look toned and slim. Ask around and you would find that many women would want to totter in heels because it makes legs look longer.


Wearing High Heels

1. Foot pain

Ask any woman who has been wearing high heels all day and she would immediately tell you about the foot pain she suffers from at the end of the day. Walking in high heels would cause foot pain because the entire pressure of the body is concentrated on your feet.

2. Difficulty in walking

Women in high heels look a lot more graceful when they are walking in high heels. (And at times with an exaggerated sway of the hip) because their steps are deliberate and done a lot more carefully. Undoubtedly, walking in high heels is no easy feat and as it is; it would almost be impossible to run in high heeled shoes. Because it is more difficult to walk than usual, your gait is different and you run the risk of losing your balance and even falling while walking.

3. Back pain

Wearing heels would cause the entire pressure of the body to fall on the lower back which could cause back pain. Exercise and yoga may help you alleviate this back pain.

As seen from above, the advantages of wearing heels are purely aesthetic while the disadvantages mainly concern a woman’s health. From the list above, it is important to weigh your options when you choose to wear heels. And if it is truly worth all the pain and effort just to sport a more seductive look. Although, this does not mean you should dismiss entirely; but you may want to give your feet a rest every few days of wearing heels or so.

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