Smooth Weddings: Wedding Tasks a Bride Can Delegate

“It is easy to get lost in what you think you ‘should’ be doing. Throw that out of the window and do what you want to do.” –Author Unknown

No matter how much of a super bride you claim yourself to be, there is no denying that you can easily get overwhelmed with the myriad of wedding tasks that needs to be taken care of. The reality is, no matter how capable you are or how much of a superwoman you can be, the reality is you cannot do everything alone. In this regard, it is best to ask for a helping hand and delegate some of the wedding tasks to your family, relatives and friends.

Not only would you be making the entire process easier on your part, but more often than not, they would be more than honored to have had a hand (no matter how minimal) in helping you pull off the entire event. While the bigger tasks that require decision-making (such as choosing a venue for rent) are solely responsibilities of the bride, smaller and simpler tasks can be delegated.

Remember, trying to handle every single detail in your wedding would be no guarantee that everything will go without a hitch. But it would guarantee that you would be too stressed, anxious and exhausted to even enjoy your wedding day. In any case, here are some of the wedding tasks you can (and probably should) delegate to someone else:

1. Airport Pick Up

Guests coming from abroad and out of town would require someone to pick them up at the airport when they arrive. More often than not, these guests would come pouring in a week or a few days before the wedding where you would be too caught up with all the last-minute details to have time carting guests from the airport to their hotels. In this regard, ask a friend or a family member to pick them up and accompany them to their hotel or lodging accommodations.

2. Simple and repetitive tasks

Planning a wedding involves a series of simple but repetitive tasks. Envelopes to stuff, place cards to fold, party favors to package—these tasks may be simple but they are time consuming. Instead of doing this only by yourself, speed up the process by asking help from your family members or groups of friends.

Alternatively, if you have younger (but responsible) siblings, this repetitive task is the ideal assignment for them.

3. Contact for wedding vendors

A lot of your wedding vendors would inevitably need to contact you to confirm details throughout the day. As you cannot keep answering calls on the day of your wedding considering all the other things you would need to do in order to get prepared, it is best to delegate this to someone else.

Select an organized and responsible relative, family member or friend for your wedding vendors to contact during the big day. Furnish them with all the necessary information they need. Before the wedding day, it is also important that you hand this person labeled checks or cash envelopes to be handed as payment or tips to your wedding vendors.

4. Be the information center

Many of your guests would have questions and might need clarifications or directions to your wedding venue. Apart from designating a person as your wedding vendor’s contact, delegate the task of being the information center to someone trustworthy and organized.

Let these person answer all the queries your guests have on the day. Alternatively, it might be best to put up a website or a social media page dedicated to your wedding where all the necessary details such as contacts, directions and the like can be found.

5. Timekeeping

To ensure that everything goes smoothly on your wedding day, ask someone to be a timekeeper. Remember, a delay can cause a ripple of scheduling conflicts and in this regard, it is best to be on time and right on schedule.

Plan your wedding’s timeline and hand this over to someone who is designated as the timekeeper. They are in charge of nudging things along and reminding people to be on time so that everything would go as scheduled.

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