The Top 3 Upcoming Canadian Jewellery Expos

Jewellery aficionados, businessmen, manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world dawn upon various locations in Canada in August. This is that time of the year when we have some of the largest jewellery expos being held here. If you want to check out some of the most innovative and stunning pieces in the global industry – ranging from the most complex opals to the most awe-inspiring diamonds, you should be at these events.

1. The Canadian Jewellery Expos

Held every year in August, the Canadian Jewellery Expos will take place this year in Toronto at the International Convention Centre from 9th to 11th August. It is organised by CJ Expos. It brings together industry leaders, professionals, designers and the best minds and jewellery pieces from all across the world onto a platform where they share their creativity and ideas.

The Canadian Jewellery Expos is a popular platform that contributes to the global industry in terms of new innovations and ideas. It helps build new trends and also allows attendees to come in contact with the biggest players and brands in the world.

At the same time, jewellers and industry experts like us get the opportunity to interact with our target audience. Jewellers and brand are thus able to further expand their business horizons. The focus of attention at the event includes display of new selection of jewellery, fashion trends, and other accessories related to the industry.

2. The Canadian Jewellery Expos Edmonton

The Canadian Jewellery Expos Edmonton will be held this year at the Shaw Conference Centre from 16th to 18th August. This is another major jewellery event held every year in the beautiful city of Edmonton. It brings together designers, master artisans, manufacturers and professionals from the world of jewellery onto the same platform, helping everyone to connect with their target audience.

Besides, the event also helps the industry stakeholders to share their knowledge and introduce new trends. The mission statement of the exhibitors is to help in the growth and development of the jewellery industry. The three-day event is the perfect place for both the exhibitors and the audience to connect and benefit from each other, while at the same time letting brands to build their reputation. You can find executives and designers from some of the largest jewellery brands in the world in the country at this time of the year. I find this extremely beneficial for our Canadian jewellery industry too because this helps develop new business opportunities and bring innovative designs and trends from all over the world.

3. Expo Prestige

The Expo Prestige brings the largest Canadian brands to Montreal every year for three days. This year the expo will be held from 23rd to 25th August at the Palais de congrès de Montreal. Most interestingly, this traditional exhibition has been taking place since 1952. It is supported by the local jewellers’ corporations and provides Canadian artisans an opportunity to showcase their stunning work. If you want to explore the best diamond rings jewellery designs and trends from Canada, this is the place to be at.

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