Tips To Estimate Your Window Cleaning Job

Every residential or commercial window cleaning job is different, as window cleaners weigh a number of different factors when calculating their invoice for their work. For example, if there is some obstacle – such as a tree – blocking a window, the cleaner might assess the work at a higher price, since it slows things down. Here are some guidelines to help you figure out what to expect.

Window Cleaning Job

Price per window

Most window cleaners in Ontario price their cleaning jobs on a per-window basis. Often they will assess window differently depending on their design. A small picture window – comprising one frame of glass – may be charged at lower rate than two-panel windows, such as double-hung, sliding, or casement frames.

Online calculator

To ease the process of learning how much your window cleaning job will cost, some sites publish their guidelines online. Some contractors go one step further by including an window cleaning estimate calculator on their website. This tool allows you to plug in some information about how many windows you have of various types, and then provides an estimate automatically.

Situation matters

In addition to the number of windows, the online calculator tool also takes into consideration:

  • Whether the insides of windows should be cleaned
  • Whether your home is one-, two-, or three-stories high
  • French doors that contain multiple panes of glass

Getting service fast

Once you’ve plugged the info about your windows into the calculator tool, there’s a form at the bottom of the page where you can enter your contact information so the window cleaning professionals can get in touch with you as soon as possible. Your windows will be sparkling in no time.

Helpful hints

To make sure your window cleaning job goes smoothly, here are some useful tips:

1. It’s best to communicate as much information as possible about the job in advance to the window cleaning professional as this would make the job easier for both parties. In addition to the number of windows and their style or shape, it’s good to mention whether sloping ground outside your building may hinder the job, or if any trees or other obstacles block the windows.

2. Without regular cleaning, windows may build up deposits of minerals such as calcium on your windows. You may not even notice the deposits starting to build and might just put it off as a dirty window. If unnoticed, these deposits will start to build into a thick white layer of crust ultimately making it virtually impossible to remove the deposits.

3. Often neglected by homeowners are window sills and screens. These also accumulate dirt and grime over time as most people tend to leave their windows open, and should be cleaned regularly so as to avoid aggravating the issue.

4. If you are a homeowner planning on selling, one of the most worthwhile improvements you can make is a window cleaning job. Clean windows make a great first impression, improving the “curb value” of your home and providing a great return on your investment.

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