Using Glass In The Interior

The belief that glass makes a room cold is wrong. You just need to know how to use it correctly in an interior. Without the proper use, glass in the interior, although it will look good, won’t look as good as it can and it won’t bring the maximum of functionality to the interior.

Since the ancient times it’s been known how to make glass, especially from the time of Ancient Greece and Rome where it was used widely, and since then, to the creation of mass production, glass has become an irreplaceable element of everyday interior. Just think of it, can you imagine a home without a single piece of glass? You can’t imagine it, because it has become literally impossible to have a home without using glass.

Glass In The Interior

Today, one couldn’t imagine an interior without some kind of glass, whether it is shelves, tables, drawers, doors, vases or some other decorative objects, and of course, windows. Those are all crucial parts of a home design, without them a home would simply not work. So glass becomes an essential part of every house.

Transparency, the different styles and colors make it usable in all design style, and with functionality, glass become an irresistible decorative element that makes the space special and visually bigger. It can truly do amazing things in your interior.

Easy maintenance and the beauty that lasts, unique shapes and many other things make glass one of the most popular materials for use in all rooms, from the halls to the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Glass can be used in any room, for any purpose, and it will look amazing, and it will be functional. A window can work without Venetian blinds, but can it work without glass?

When using glass you should have in mind the following recommendations:

1. It is very useful in small rooms, as in those rooms with less natural light. In small rooms, it will make them look bigger and will create a strong light in that room.

2. It looks great when it’s combined with natural materials such as rock, any type of metal, wood or bricks. Glass is essentially sand, heavily processed sand, so it comes from nature, and combining it with natural materials is a great way to make your space more beautiful.

3. Colored glass and sanded glass actually contributed to the feeling of warmth in a space, it also contributes to the comfort of the room. Especially if it is combined with other, warmer elements such as wool carpets or similar thick warm materials. It is a big myth that glass creates a cold feeling in the interior, it’s quite the opposite.

4. Glass that breaks light gives a playful feeling to the interior and it gives dynamics to every room. So, using glass in your interior will make the room come to life, and it will bigger at the same time. Because glass is a reflective surface, it makes the room look much bigger than it actually is.

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By Milan Budimkic

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