Wedding Ceremony Upgrades to Consider

You might be the most traditional kind who intends to have a wedding ceremony following traditions. Traditions are good! But, there has to one wedding ceremony upgrade that you can consider this year – since it’s about changes!

See the list of wedding twists you can add to your wedding for a makeover. These things have been applied successfully and seen by the wedding decorations experts at Let’s Celebrate Events.

The Tradition – Brides Should Wear a Long White Gown

Twist – Most brides, until date, go with long white ivory dresses, but for the weddings of these days, anything works – from the black pant suits to slinky sheath, or silvery to short dresses. Many couples have been seen with wedding dresses that have a twist in them. Try adding this change to your wedding with colors or keeping it casual – whatever you find amazing.

The Tradition – Wear a Long White Veil

Twist – The tradition does not mean you have to wear a veil, not at all! Let the standard break and choose a chic headband or clips. You can even go rebel and leave your beautiful hair down! Isn’t that how you love it generally?

The Tradition – There’s No Personalization to Traditional Ceremonies

Twist – These days, all standard ceremonies are custom. The classic candle lights are being changed with fresh spin, the cocktails are being mixed at the altar, and even spices are being switched to create something different. And even, a lesser-known tradition, the wine box is locked up with love letters to be opened at the predetermined anniversary date.

The Tradition – Your Wedding Should Have Two Colors Only

Twist – You can have a palette of as many colors as you want. The only thing important is to choose colors that can work together, multiple neutrals or similar colors with different tones. The prettiest palettes seen by far at Atlanta wedding décor include the monochromatic shades, bold purple or deep green, and the cool white.

The Tradition – The Couple Has to Walk Down to Aisle to Wagner’s Bridal Chorus

Twist – This has been no doubt the standard since ages, but is certainly not the only option. You can have your cultural heritage as music inspiration: Mexican mariachi, Scottish bagpipes, or Caribbean steel drums are some good ideas. Just go with anything, Beyonce to The Beatles; just get the music run by venue first.

The Tradition – Wedding Ceremony has to be Formal

Twist – A ceremony should always have a strong meaning to its presentation, all important info has to be there; who is part of the event and the purpose of all the cultural traditions – but that does not stop the fun from being incorporated into the design. Let the program turn into a crossword puzzle with hints about your relation or add fortune tellers add facts about childhood. Your guests will love fun and activities they can do.

The Tradition – Bridesmaids Are Only Females

Twist – Oh no! Females are not the only bridesmaid – best friends happen to be guys as well – have them as your bridesmaid. Your spouse-to-be can also ask his good friends to be your grooms-woman. Here, the best part will mean coordinating your looks and accessories with these dudes.

The Tradition – Seeing Each Other before the Ceremony is prohibited

Twist – This superstition has long been proven false, so this is not even a tradition, rather a myth. You can even see one another before walking down the aisle and you can also schedule a photo shoot before this. This even let’s you have more time at the ceremony to enjoy and have fun with others.

The Tradition – Cocktails is for After the Ceremony and before Reception

Twist – The events even don’t need an order to be same. You can have the event start with refreshment like lemonade or ice tea and then proceed with the rest. Couples have been seen by Let’s Celebrate having cocktails before the start of the ceremony and then in the middle.

The Tradition – Your Exist should be in Shower of Rice

Twist – Exiting with rice is somewhat long forgotten. There are plenty of options then having the guest throwing rice; ribbon wands or ringing bells. You can set a bowl of glitter, popcorns, or herbs – anything that can feel good.

The Tradition – The Wedding Bands Have to Match

Twist – The wedding rings you have will be on your fingers forever – choose something that supports each other. If one likes white gold while your spouse likes yellow gold, then it’s totally okay to choose different metals. You have other ways to have your wedding bands coordinate, you can have them engraved with wedding date or initials or some phrase – but matching them is not something you have to follow, as long as the love is there to unite the two of you.

The Tradition – Bridesmaid Have to Wear Matching Dresses

Twist – Each one of your girls have a unique personality that should shine equally through their dresses. Their taste and figure deserves their comfort level as well. So, you don’t have to match the dresses, instead just pick one cohesive element to match things along – it can be the fabric, length, or the color. They can even use their own jewelry style for making the dress even more personalized. Take a look at the color palette and play around with the tones.

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