Work-at-Home: Cosmopolitan Home Office Design

Design can draw its inspiration from the world. It isn’t rigid to set of rules or characteristics. It open to change and innovation. Moreover, it takes influence from nature, which continues to be a dynamic force.

Ayala Land Offices, for example, is a prime office location where you can see several office themes that inspire creativity, efficiency, and productivity. Of course, any workplace would want these to accomplish the goals of the business.

Japanese and country elements are some of the themes you can incorporate into your home office. The designs, inspired by culture, may be the key to your work’s success.

Here’s how you can incorporate it in your interiors:

Asian Influence

Most offices get inspired by the culture and practices of Asians. Zen, which emphasizes the importance of meditation and intuition, is the Japanese approach to Mahayana Buddhism. Instead of subscribing to rituals and scriptures to reach enlightenment, Zen encourages the use of nature to achieve peace and inner balance.

Some offices take cues from Zen to embody tranquility at work. Jobs can be demanding and highly-stressful, so elements that encourage a sense of composure are beneficial to employees. Colors that enhance natural light are ideal to foster calmness in the space.

White and colors of the Earth such as green, gray and brown bring serenity to the area. Stones, water, wood, and other natural elements of nature naturally have stored energy from the environment. Thus, they will attract free-flowing forces from outside.

Stacked rock formations, bodies of water and plants like bamboo and indoor greens are popular Zen elements. Tapestry designs and trinkets aren’t limited to simple things. They often contain inscriptions and patterns that encourage peace and optimistic thoughts.

The objects that magnet life force is the best to include in the spaces. Pleasing patterns, light materials and clear windows that allow sunlight to enter the space are highly encouraged. You can utilize lanterns and paper lampshades to serve as lighting without clouding the area.

Country Affair

Some places require a dash of personality, charm, and warmth. A rustic vibe offers the coziness of the countryside. It is homey but still maintains a professional ambiance. It entices people to be comfortable in the space and become open to the opportunities.

Rustic designs use deep earth tones such as forest greens, polished wood, and ash grays. Colors that represent the different shades of the sun, the phases of the moon, foliage and those that depict country living are prominent in providing charm to the place. The aesthetic also embraces texture and items past their age.

Imperfect edges and intricate patterns on pieces of furniture complete the package. Handmade or personalized furniture is full of personality. Thus, they are perfect to fill the empty spaces. Display items from years ago – logs, textured centerpieces and other worn things – and those that provide the feeling of warmth such as plush pillows, blankets, drapes, and towels are perfect accessories.

Lighting in a rustic setting is layered. Bulbs that emit a soft glow such as candles and chandeliers are perfect mood enhancers. Different sources of light such as table lamps and strategically placed overhead lamps add drama to the room.

Designing home office is more flexible than other real estate properties. You can easily incorporate Zen-inspired and beautiful country life elements in your space. If you are drabbling in finance and retail, the slow and unwinding ambiance of Asian design will work in your favor. On the other hand, a rustic appeal is compatible with hospitality and service industries. The appeal attracts patrons and makes them feel welcomed.

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